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Redefining Social Media in 2024: ROI, AI, and Entertainment

In 2024, the landscape of social media marketing is undergoing significant changes. Here are the key trends and insights from the Hootsuite Social Trends 2024 Report:

Focus on Return on Investment (ROI): The era of chasing every social media trend is over. Marketers are now prioritizing performance and ROI, using a strategic approach to choose their tactics and platforms.

Generative AI’s Rising Influence: AI technology is increasingly used by social marketers, offering a balance between efficiency and authenticity. The key motivation for using AI in social media is to reduce staff workload, with 61% of organizations citing this as their primary reason. The use of AI for tasks like editing and refining text is expected to see a significant increase.

Consumer Hesitation Towards AI: While AI is gaining popularity among marketers, consumers show hesitation. 62% of consumers are less likely to engage with and trust content if they know it was created by AI. This sentiment varies across generations, with Gen Z being more open to AI-generated content compared to baby boomers.

Redefining Authenticity with AI: Successful brands in 2024 are those that redefine authenticity. It’s no longer about who or what creates the content but rather about the brand experience that the content delivers to the customer.

Understanding the Audience: Knowing the audience is crucial for effectively using AI in social media. Understanding their demographics, interests, and perceptions of AI can guide the content strategy.

Balancing AI and Human Elements: While AI is a helpful tool, maintaining a balance is vital. Misleading audiences to believe AI-generated content is human can break trust and harm the brand.

Implementing AI Policies and Best Practices: It’s essential to have clear guidelines for using AI in social media to prevent potential issues like inappropriate AI-generated content

Choosing the Right Platforms: Organizations are focusing on platforms that deliver results, moving away from the strategy of being present on every platform. LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp are among the platforms where brands feel most confident about ROI.

Entertainment as a Key to Social ROI: Brands must turn to entertainment to boost their bottom line. Consumers primarily use social media for entertainment, and there is a disconnect between what brands post and what consumers want to see.

In conclusion, the 2024 social media trends highlight the importance of strategic thinking, understanding the audience, and adapting to technological advancements while maintaining authenticity and trust. Brands must navigate these trends carefully to achieve success in their social media endeavors.


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